At the Leighton Art Centre we believe everyone has an artistic side. Whether you are a well-established painter, or looking through the lens of a camera for the first time, you will find an environment conducive to creating something special. As I don't come from an "art background," every day is a learning experience as I find out more and more about the many aspects of creating, exhibiting and selling art of all types and forms. 

It is sometimes said that life is like a circle, with one returning to the place from whence they came. This is true in my case. I grew up in the Longview region (East Longview to be exact) of Alberta not far from the Centre. I have had the privilege of working in many parts of Canada and traveling to some far reaches of the globe. This place has called me back to my roots and I feel a very real sense of home and belonging as I take the short drive to the Centre each day.

I am often told that I have the best office in the world. I would agree. The view is stunning any time of the day, or day of the year! I encourage people to visit us, and often, because whether you enjoy art, nature, or a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains, this is the place to find all three.

Welcome home!

Mary Dean
Managing Director