A Point on the Horizon

Emerging Artist Showcase

The horizon is a fine line that divides the visible from the invisible beyond; it is the boundary between the known and the unknown. As we move, the horizon will change no matter which direction we head. Inevitably what was previously unknown will become visible. But - while looking at the horizon means looking towards the future, despite moving forward, you will never reach it. This is a metaphor for the artistic practice. The ever-changing point is always just out of reach but the artist forges ahead in their work.

This exhibition showcases the work of a series of emerging artists. Each with a unique perspective, they look around themselves and respond to their surroundings and personal histories, all the while exploring what will be the next phase in their artistic practice. The next project. The next series. The next question. The unknown beyond will always be there but artists continue to move towards the point on the horizon.

Carissa Baktay
Triniruth Bautista
Manny Blair
Chris Brooks
Yanka Dzombak
Brianna Gluszak
Brandon Hearty
Kelly Isaak
Sam Knopp
Nina Morris
Vanessa Nelson
Edward Nyikes
John Ross
Ashley Slemming
Karin Thorsteinsson
Jennifer Weihmann