In the Open Air

In the Open Air honours the practice of creating art outdoors, in the moment.

En plein air is a French expression that translates to “in the open air”. The practice of creating art outdoors goes back for centuries but was popularized by the French Impressionists in the 1800’s. Artists painting in the open air attempt to capture the true effects of light and colour of the landscape at any given moment before the surroundings change with time, distinguishing the process from painting a landscape subject from inside a studio, from memory, imagination or a photograph. 

The act of outdoor painting from direct observation continues to be popular, including here in Alberta. This exhibition showcases the work of a number of accomplished Alberta artists, all of whom enjoy creating art en plein air.

Please join us for the public Opening Reception of In the Open Air: Saturday August 10, 2019  |  2 - 4 PM.

Exhibition features:

  • A.C. Leighton

  • Hermann Brandt

  • Sue Contini

  • Bill Duma

  • Jean Geddes

  • Michelle Grant

  • Alice Helwig

  • Louise Lacey-Rokosh

  • Brent Laycock

  • Doug Levitt

  • Gary McMillan

  • Gisa Mayer

  • Neil Patterson

  • Dean Tatam Reeves

  • Karin Richter

  • Jane Romanishko

  • Doug Swinton

  • Frances Vettergreen

  • Verna Vogel

  • Grant Waddell

  • Sharon Lynn Williams

  • Theresa Williams