Mike Binzer

Let Me Remember You As You Were Before You Existed

Opening Reception: Sat. August 2, 2-4pm

This summer we are excited to present Calgary artist Mike Binzer and his collection of large contemporary oil and mixed media paintings in Let Me Remember You As You Were Before You Existed. Exploring the seemingly familiar feeling of embodiment, Binzer presents imagery that places emphasis on shape, form, and distortion, challenging each spectator to feel, rather than name what it is they see.

Binzer’s works draw on Proprioception—sensations of one’s muscles and ligaments—as well as Synesthesia—a co-mingling of the senses—in an effort to transcribe in paint the sensations of a human body. In these artworks, the paint, the gelatinous essence of the work, visually becomes a feeling flesh, the gelatinous essence of the human body. It is through this paint-as-flesh, that Binzer opens and folds bodily sensation into paint, constructing bodies caught in states of fervent sensation. Through his tactile, fleshy paint, he incites us to recall who we are without our name: a quivering feeling singular flesh.