Organized by the Leighton Art Centre in collaboration with the Nickle Galleries, curated by Stephanie Doll

Made for this Place: The Art, Architecture, and Artifacts of the Leighton Legacy

At the University of Calgary campus in the Taylor Family Digital Library, Nickle Galleries (upper level) 410 University Court NW

Discover the comprehensive history of the Leighton Art Centre and it’s founders. Featuring historical and contemporary artifacts and artworks created by the Leightons and Leighton Art Centre Members. Made for this Place will show how instrumental the Leightons were in the history of Alberta art. 

Featured Artists:

A.C. Leighton · Barbara Leighton

Barbara Amos · Barbara Ballachey · Maxwell Bates · Albert Borch · Ken Bourassa · Lisa Brawn · Walter Brown · Billie Rae Busby · Dorothy Chisholm · Doug Driedger · Bill Duma · Edward Epp · J.K. Esler · Terry Fenton · Errol Lee Fullen · Illingworth Kerr · Eveline Kolijn · Susan Kristoferson · Brent Laycock · Neil Liske · Franco LoPinto · Helen Mackie · Lynn Malin · Jerry Markham · Robert McInnis · Jean Mihalcheon · Janet Mitchell · Marion Nicoll · Jim Nicoll · Katie Ohe · Connie Pike · Rob Pike · Hilary Prince · Robin Righton · Annemarie Schmid Esler · Colin Smith · Doug Swinton · Judy Ueda · Grant Waddell · Linda Wilder