Peter von Tiesenhausen


A "Physical Drawing" of monumental proportions

Created for and presented exclusively at the Leighton Art Centre

Peter von Tiesenhausen calls Sanctuary a “physical drawing”. But it is a drawing of monumental proportions. Measuring several hundred feet on a western slope of the Leighton Art Centre lands, it is composed of 1000 wooden poles of varying lengths, placed vertically in different densities.
The idea for Sanctuary has a decade of development from sketches to plans for installations. Peter spent that last year finalizing the final form but even that may change as the installation is created on-site. This winter Peter harvested the 1000 poles from his own woodlot near Grande Prairie.

The installation subtly alters the landscape, placing a temporary subject into the view of landscape painters. From varying angles it may appear as a natural phenomenon and from others, an obviously human imposed alteration, combining the natural and the manufactured.
The installation is not permanent, will deteriorate in a natural fashion, and will leave no permanent or long lasting residue.

Peter von Tiesenhausen began his career more than 20 years ago as a plein air landscape painter. One of his first residencies was at the Leighton Art Centre, the same landscape he now proposes to modify. Since that time he has exhibited widely throughout North America and in Europe, diversifying his practice to include sculpture, installation, performance and video.

Sanctuary will serve as a backdrop for performances to include possibilities for dance, percussion, and video throughout its two-year presence on the site. The inaugural performance will be a specially commissioned dance piece by Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award recipient Helen Husak that will take place at the installation site.

The following link will take you to Gil Tucker's peice on Sanctuary;

Sanctuary is supported by the Alberta Creative Development initiative, a partnership between the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA), in collaboration with the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) and the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC).