Burns Visual Arts Society

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion features diverse artworks produced by the 20 current members of the Burns Visual Arts Society of Calgary (BVAS), Canada’s oldest, continuously run studio co-operative.

The exhibition is the result of energy produced by working in a collaborative space. Members collaborated to title the exhibition as representative of the relationships within the co-op. Members work in both individual and shared studio spaces that create opportunities for one individual to generate an idea that in turn ignites another member’s creative expression, or through spontaneous collective interaction. Members of the BVAS benefit from the support of the collective to fuel their creative energy, allowing them to go “madly off in all directions” – that is to say – “Spontaneously Combust!”

A unique group initiative is an added feature in this exhibition: visitors are invited to spot the common element used by each artist in works throughout the exhibition.