Cindy Barratt & Susan Casault

The Iconic Alberta Rose

This exhibition of paintings and drawings by Cindy Barratt and Susan Casault explores the Iconic Alberta Rose, the floral emblem of Alberta, that so aptly reflects our province and people.

Visitors will enjoy an interesting and uplifting range of paintings which will be reflected in a variety of sizes from small, such as 5" x 5", to larger pieces in the range of 30" x 40" to portray our interpretations of the wild rose. Using various mediums, such as watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil and acrylic to capture the Alberta Rose in its many stages, various habitats, seasons and conditions, allowing the viewer to draw the parallels between it's nuances and the province and people. In addition, visitors can explore and delve into how our society has such a connection with this iconic flower.

Alberta Rose related nature samples, informative materials and facts about the Alberta Rose and its role as the province's floral emblem, and other items such as jewellery, soap, a painted milk can, china and knick-knacks will compliment the artwork.