Billie Rae Busby, Brad Keys and Judy Ueda

Three Transformations - Our Vast Prairie Landscape

Three distinguished contemporary Canadian landscape artists combine their skills to share unique perceptions of the prairie landscape. “Landscapes inspire us in different ways” is the basic premise of Our Vast Prairie Landscape. Supplemental lectures and workshops led by the artists will demonstrate how to approach landscape from multiple perspectives using feelings, memory and color.

Abstract ...

Kristine Thoreson & Lorraine Field

The Big Picture

Combining works from Kristine Thoreson's 'Viewpoint' and Lorraine Field's 'Illuminated Petragraphs' The Big Picture showcases powerful and breathtaking photographs of the vast Canadian landscape- both natural and constructed. Thoreson presents large-scale composite images exploring the glacial landscape of the Rockies, while FIeld explores migration themes in her photographs of rock formations with project ...

Organized by the Leighton Art Centre in collaboration with the Nickle Galleries, curated by Stephanie Doll

Made for this Place: The Art, Architecture, and Artifacts of the Leighton Legacy

Discover the comprehensive history of the Leighton Art Centre and it’s founders. Featuring historical and contemporary artifacts and artworks created by the Leightons and Leighton Art Centre Members. Made for this Place will show how instrumental the Leightons were in the history of Alberta art. 

Featured Artists:

A.C. Leighton · Barbara Leighton

Barbara Amos ...

Elisabeth Cartwright, Jamie Gray, Melanie Long, Julia Reimer, Tyler Rock & Katherine Russell


Opening Reception Sept 27, 1-3pm artists will be in attendance 

Formative encompasses learning, growing and developing a lasting experience that is captured within the fragility of glass. It allows its viewers a glimpse into the minds of artists that may use the same medium, however are influenced and interact with glass differently. Landscape, form, nature ...

Featuring: Kathy Adamo, Judy Perrin, Virgini Senden, Frances Vettergreen &  Lorraine Whellams

Vistas, Visions & Viewpoints

Celebrating the time-honoured Leighton tradition of the landscape painting, Vistas, Visions & Viewpoints features work of five local artists utilizing a variety of styles to investigate, experiment and execute works representing the beauty of our natural surroundings.  From realism to abstraction, each artist presents work from their unique lens, playing with colour, atmosphere, and sense of ...