Cindy's Bio

Cindy was born and resided in Spruce Grove, Alberta until 2009, at which time she moved nearby to Stony Plain. She is a self-taught, professional artist, who was interested in art since childhood and in 1991 decided to pursue it as a full-time career.

For many years Cindy primarily worked in watercolour or acrylic with the focus of capturing flowers, their beauty, their “souls” and personalities and from time to time still returns to her “floral roots”. In recent years she has broaden her scope of work to include landscapes, flora and fauna of various conservation and natural areas in the hopes she can generate appreciation, educate and promote the importance of conserving and protecting natural areas, habitats and their species. 

Cindy is also very active in the arts community and is a longstanding member of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove and juried member of the Alberta Society of Artists and volunteers with both organizations. She currently teaches classes and workshops at Metro Continuing Education in Edmonton, the AAC in Spruce Grove, and various communities in Alberta.