Connie's Bio

Connie started her clay journey in 1971, and since 1978 she has been working full-time as a ceramic artist. She has also participated in five years of advanced studies through the Australian National University Diploma Course in Cermaics to develop her skills.

As a utilitarian potter, she strives to have her work posses a strong contemporary feel with good design and function. Over the years, Connie's ideas and concepts have continually developed and changed; as one goal is reached, another lies ahead! Connie attempts to create forms with rich surfaces, which are then further enhanced by the sharing that occurs throught their use. For her, all the choices and answers come from extensive glaze developement and commitment to exploring the technical challenges of clay. She hopes that beauty and passion will shine through her work and that they enrich people's everyday lives.

All of Connie's has been fired to 2380ºF and is designed to be used in the oven.