Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer Park studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design from 1990-94 graduating with a diploma in Sculpture. She then turned her attention to the domestic arts (being young and very foolish) and in a collaborative effort came up with her finest creation, her son. Discovering she had no natural talent for domesticity she returned to ACAD in 2000 and received a BFA with a Ceramics major in 2001.

Jennifer began her part time studio practice and much to her surprise decided to take up painting, jewellery making, photography and teaching. She has been teaching a variety of jewellery making techniques for the past seven years and has gone back to the Alberta College of Art & Design to teach Sculpture, Gold Leaf and Intro to Resin in the Continuing Ed department. She created Natural Icon Designs as a future, giant lifestyle brand for those who love rocks and sticks and shiny things. She currently belongs to the Burns Visual Arts Society where she has organized two successful workshop series for Alberta Culture Days. Recently Jennifer has been participating in the Calyx Distinctive Arts Exhibiton & Sale which happens in the Spring and Fall. Jennifer shares her home studio with two big kids and five dogs and is still trying to master the domestic arts…with little success.