Lorraine's Bio

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and spent 20 years there before moving to Alberta.  My love of the wide open spaces is reflected in many of my landscape paintings. Upon moving to Alberta, the mountains captivated me, and I spent many days skiing and hiking in Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks.

 I was educated at the University of Calgary, where I obtained a degree in Education.  My love of dance led me to a minor in dance and my curiosity with all things connected to history and people led me to pursue a major in Social Studies.  I was able to teach dance for many years, but when a back injury side lined me, my creative bent needed an outlet, and painting replaced my passion for dance.  
I have attended art classes at Mount Royal College, the University of Calgary, and Red Deer College.

 My art has always been inspired by my fascination of people and an interest in the human figure. I also find inspiration in the outdoors and spend as much time painting " PLEIN AIR" as possible.

My paintings record my journey through life and also allow me to explore a particular idea or theme and follow it through to the end.  Experimentation is an artistic process deeply valued by myself, since it is an exciting, adventurous and ever expanding circle which takes me to places I have never experienced.