Lorrie's Bio

I like old things. Gnarled trees, fences and sheds on the verge of collapse fascinate me. There's just something about  weathered textures that I find appealing be it rusting metal or wood worn rough or smooth with age. My eye is drawn to the contrast between rough tree bark  and delicate new flowers. The jagged Rocky Mountains softened by clouds. Or old tree limbs bleached white by the sun and a backdrop of dark shadows. Its about beauty and imperfection.Recently I've moved towards incorporating more of that texture in my paintings by using a dry-brush effect as well as wiping, scratching and lifting out areas of paint.

As an artist, I am largely self-taught although I enjoy taking an occasional workshop. I've always loved to draw and have dabbled in most mediums. I began drawing in pen and ink in a highly detailed, realistic style sometimes with a watercolor wash. I then devoted myself entirely to watercolor for many years. 2014 saw me making the switch to acrylics. I quite enjoyed the versatility  of acrylics and found it did wonders for my creativity. In 2015 I began using oils and this is my present focus.

I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba and have called Calgary Alberta home for the better part of 45 years. The best part of living in Calgary is the proximity to the Rocky Mountains and I make the drive west as often as possible. I live on the edge of a provincial park where I frequently sketch and paint en pleinair. And of course Alberta is horse country. It doesn't get any better than this!