Roberta's Bio

Roberta Murray is a poetic impressionist painter from Alberta, Canada. From a young age, art has been an important part of her life. Roberta’s great x2 uncle was a prominent water-colourist and founding member of some of Canada’s longest running art associations. Her grandmother and mother were both hobby painters, so there was never a lack of encouragement for her to pursue painting.

Through painting Roberta is attempting to present a visual story about life, love, and the importance of nature and the land. She tries not to copy the reality of her subject, but a sense of emotion that will allow the viewers to create their own interpretations. She uses softer colours, loose brushstrokes, and layered texture to add depth and feeling to the work.   

The majority of Roberta’s work is on a smaller canvas to encourage a more intimate conversation between the work and viewer, like a secret being shared between friends. Roberta is inspired by the Dutch, Soviet and French impressionists. She is a juried member of the Federation Of Canadian Artists and the Oil Painters of America. Her works hang in private and public collections around the world.