Sandra's Bio

Sandra Civitarese was born in Trail B.C., where she lived until she attended the University of Calgary. Sandra received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art in 1982. Since receiving her degree she has worked as an art consultant, a graphic artist, and an art instructor, all while working on her studio practice. She has been involved in many art exhibitions, sales, commissions and fundraisers throughout Canada.

Sandra started as a painter, but her constant exposure to talented ceramic instructors at the City of Calgary Arts Centres has greatly influenced her love of ceramics. Although she still paints, she has added ceramic sculpture to her practice, as she enjoys the freedom of working in both 2D and 3D. One medium inspires and seeps into the other. Her painting practice has greatly benefitted her sculpture in the way she “deals” with the clay and glaze. Her ceramic sculptures have also allowed her paintings to evolve. She will use whatever it takes to express and communicate her narrative.