Sheila's Bio

Born Sheila Marie Matchett, she grew up in a small town called Dalhousie, situated at the mouth of the Restigouche River, the most northern community in New Brunswick. A coastal town known for its magnificent scenery and the subject of many of her paintings.

Sheila remembers sketching as young as age six, and her collection of sketchbooks shows the development of a self taught Artist.  It suites her to spend time concentrating on the development of an idea.  The process is more important than the end.  It suits her personality to focus intensely on the task at hand; analyzing, and contemplating. The thought process can be lengthy. Working out details before returning to the easel.   

When she's not at work in her studio, she teaches art and volunteers with several local art associations and community events. Her artwork has been exhibited and sold throughout Canada and the United States.  She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artist, an Elected Member and on the Board of Directors with the Society of Canadian Artist.