POSTPONED Acrylics Painting FOR A STRONG STATEMENT! with Karin Richter

March 16, 2020. At this time, we are postponing all art workshops through April 19, 2020. If you are currently registered for an art workshop between now and April 19, please watch your email inbox for a message over the next couple of days. We will be offering the opportunity to (a) receive a credit for future use, (b) convert your payment to a donation (with tax receipt) or (c) request a refund.

This workshop is for painters of all levels and all styles -   representational, impressionistic and/or abstract. Be prepared to have fun producing strong works of art that make a statement based on good fundamentals of colour mixing, values and composition and design. Enjoy the time stretching your abilities and learn to understand what it takes to make a painting that works on every level.

Audience: Adults and Teens who are at all levels and want to push their Acrylic Painting to the next level!

Supplies: (Minimum Supplies in Red)

Karin says: “Welcome to my acrylics workshop/class. Please bring to class whatever you are used to in this medium but you may want to have the following on hand:

Acrylic Paints (any brand you like, the best being Golden)* buy Grumbacher acrylic paints, they are economical and very good!

*Lemon Yellow

*Cadmium yellow deep

*Cadmium Red Light

*Alizarin Crimson

*Phthalo Blue

*Ultramarine Blue

*Burnt Sienna

Transparent Red Oxide (only in Golden and Graham)

Dioxazine Purple

*Titanium White


Acrylic Matte Medium (optional)

Canvas Boards, Stretched Canvas or

*Canvas Paper or Acrylic Paper (250lbs.) (if just starting out)

*Old cotton rags

Bristle brushes for larger areas

*Inexpensive synthetic watercolour brushes in assorted sizes

*Paper Palette or butcher tray (old ceramic plates or paper plates work as well)

*If you are new to this medium, keep your receipts in case you have to return or exchange supplies. For questions contact me at I look forward to painting with you!”

Registration cost:  $125 plus GST & Eventbrite Fees* 

* or register by phone: 403-931-3633, Tues-Sat, 10 am – 4 pm to avoid Eventbrite fees 

Registration closes Thurs April 16, 2020 at 5:00PM 

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Karin Richter CSPWC, SCA, PAC, ASA, Master Pastel Artist (MPAC)

Karin has had a passion for painting since she was a child. She has been a professional award-winning artist for almost 30 years exhibiting internationally. She draws inspiration from the Rocky Mountains close at hand but also from international destinations she travels to on a regular basis. Karin is an elected member of Canada’s prestigious art societies and has been recognized for her work in the art community with the Immigrant of Distinction Award. She is an enthusiastic art instructor to many aspiring artists in classes, workshops and painting holidays on land and at sea in Canada and internationally. She is a sought-after juror, crit and organizer of art events at every level. Art is Karin’s life and her passion for the arts is evident in her colorful work and her community spirit.