Adventures in Watercolour with Rex Beanland

Watercolour can be one of the freshest, most spontaneous of mediums. Learn to harness the power of water to create exciting, realistic effects in this two day course. The spontaneous blending of colours, creation of values, working with perspective and using photographs to develop a good composition are all part of this workshop. Using unorthodox brushwork and painting over the lines will be demonstrated and practiced.

Supplies needed for workshop

1) Paint
In general the colours you normally use will be fine as long as you have a selection of blues, reds and yellows.
The essential colours are:

• Ultramarine blue   • Burnt sienna
• Yellow ochre          • Cad red light
• Chinese White or white gouache

2) Brushes
We will be using primarily round brushes.
# 8 round
# 12 round
If possible bring the largest round you have or a mop brush is even better.
plus a rigger or small round (#4 or #6) for detail.

3) Palette

4) Paper Any handmade paper such as Arches or Winsor & Newton will work fine. Try to get rough though cold press will also work. A single sheets will be the most useful so you can cut the paper to different sizes.

5) Board a board or hard surface to tape the paper to (such as a piece of plywood, paneling, plexiglass or Masonite)

6) Extras
Water container
Paper towels
Masking Tape
Spray bottle
Mister Bottle
Pencil, eraser, ruler

A few things to remember:

We are a rural location so please bring a lunch and drinks for the day
Dress in layers as the weather at our beautiful facility can change quite a bit during the day and our facilities can be a bit chilly
Give yourself extra time to get here as we are a ways out and you do not want to miss a minute of your exciting workshop!

Please feel free to call 403-931-3633 if you have any questions.