Batik Making with Dana Bush and Susan Fae Haglund

Come out and try one of the fibre-arts techniques that launched the Barbara Leighton textile collection legacy. Multicolored layers of dye and unique crackle-marks are the distinctive features of batik. Want to give it a try? This workshop is designed for artists of all levels; those who are either new to Batik or those who want to give this familiar process a new try influenced by the great Leighton atmosphere and the great outdoors.
Guided by the fibre artists of the Contextural Fibre Arts Cooperative, we will give batik an introductory try. Build up layers of simple forms and patterns by alternating a wax resist with a series of dyes. Can you use your unique marks to build layered meanings and distinctive fleeting impressions into your work? Preliminary sketches and a progression of demonstrations followed by hands-on technique application will highlight some of the creative possibilities of batik. Each participant will explore these possibilities by building up their own batik works.
Incorporated into the workshop, there will be a technical tour of the textile-arts exhibition up in the main gallery. By “technical” we mean a little background discussion into how the artworks were made and why the material choices add meaning to the work.

All supplies are included!