Birding at the Leighton Centre with Jim Critchley

Ever wonder if that bird is a Robin or a Sparrow?

This interactive field trip will focus on the birds seen at the Leighton Art Centre. Come and learn about the special bird adaptations that make each species successful in the diverse environment at the Centre. We will look for the soarers (hawks and falcons), the perchers (wrens, bluebirds etc.) , the walkers (plovers, killdeers, robins), and the waders and swimmers (ducks and geese). We will learn to use our binoculars, the special identification features of each species of birds as well as how to use keys and field guides to identify the ones we see. During the workshop, we will keeping a bird inventory as well.

For a more joyful and comfortable visit to the Leighton Art Centre, please bring a water bottle, long pants, insect repellant, sturdy shoes and sunscreen. Walking poles may be a good addition. We strongly suggest to also bring your camera and binoculars too!

Single Tickets: $10.00

Family Package (2 Adults + Children): $25.00

The following field trip will be led by retired Science Teacher, biologist and naturalist, Jim Critchley B.E.S, B.Ed, M.Ed. Jim is an experienced field researcher and Educator. He has an undergraduate degree in Environmental studies and worked as a research technologist on an Atlantic Salmon spawning river for the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute.