Bug Tour at Leighton with Jim Critchley

When we see a bug, should we say ''eeeew gross!!!' or should we think ''Wow, what beautiful adapters to the environment'' ? Or have you ever wondered what those bugs really are called? Why are they found where they are? What do they eat? What is the life of a bug really like?

This interactive summer hike will introduce you to the insects and other invertebrates found at and near the Leighton Art Centre. You will be taught by Jim Critchley how to use field guides and your keen observation skills to determine the identity of the bugs we see. We will try to capture and examine as many bugs as we can, and talk about how they fit in our surrounding environment. This trip will start with an orientation briefing then a walk through the meadows of the Leighton Art Centre property. Field guides and taxonomic keys ( identification guides) will be supplied. We will try to start an inventory of the various invertebrate species at the Leighton Art Centre.

Please bring with you a water bottle, a butterfly net if you have one, long pants, insect repellant, sturdy shoes, sunscreen and a clean glass jar with a lid ( to safely view our catches). Walking poles may be a good addition. Bring your camera and binoculars too!


Single Tickets: $10.00

Family Package (2 Adults + Children): $25.00

The following field trips will be led by retired Science Teacher, biologist and naturalist, Jim Critchley, B.E.S, B.Ed, M.Ed. Jim is an experienced field researcher and Educator. He has an undergraduate degree in Environmental studies and worked as a research technologist on an Atlantic Salmon spawning river for the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute.