Building Nests for Local Birds: Birdhouse Making Workshop with Jim Critchley

Do you enjoy hearing the chirping of birds in the morning? Are you curious about the types of birds that may create their nests in your backyard?

The Leighton Art Centre invites you to come and build your own birdhouse with the guidance and supervision of instructor, Jim Critchely. Passionate about birds, Jim will discuss behaviors and ecology of the Mountain Blue bird as well as the other birds that may like to nest in your new birdhouse.

Adult supervision is require for children under 10 years old.


All the supplies are provided. Please bring your own hammer, ear plugs or ear muffs as well as safety glasses (sunglasses work too).

One birdhouse tickets are $20 each. These tickets are ideal for parent-child under 10 years old who wish to only make one birdhouse.

Two birdhouse tickets are $35.

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The workshop will be led by retired science teacher, biologist and naturalist, Jim Critchley, B.E.S, B.Ed, M.Ed. Jim is an experienced field researcher and Educator. He has an undergraduate degree in Environmental studies and worked as a research technologist on an Atlantic Salmon spawning river for the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute.