Encounters with Nature with Penny Corradine

The workshop is a day of working outside, weather permitting. After an introduction, we will be immersing ourselves in the environment and using drawing and painting techniques to "listen with our eyes."

Using the on-location materials, techniques and skills we are most comfortable with, participants will engage with the natural surroundings of the Leighton Centre to create a quick visual journal of our encounter with nature.

In the following group discussion, we will share our "listening," and examine the transition in our minds from "not listening" to "listening." What happens when we go into that "listening" mood or space? And how does that affect what we want to share and how we want to share it? Is there "a wavelength" we can get on that "unblocks" our artistic impulse or that is more in alignment with our artistic impulse? Rather than seeing nature as an object we can copy or capture, can we see nature "in dialogue"? In other words, is nature alive and speaking to us--privileging us to "listen" and then to "see"?

Supply List

You will need the materials you are currently using in your sketching practice, including paper, pencils (charcoal and colour), pens, and watercolours. For some, a portable easel and lightweight outdoor stool will be useful.