Exploring the Art of Haiga (Haiku & Photography) with Barry Allen and Jim Force



Join Photographer Barry Allen and Haiku poet Jim Force for a day at the beautiful Leighton Art Centre!

Historically from 1600, Haiga is a style of Japanese painting that incorporates the aesthetics of Haiku Haiga are typically painted by haiku poets and accompanied by a haiku poem. Like the poetic form it accompanied, haiga was based on simple, yet often profound, observations of the everyday world.

Our modern interpretation of Haiga involves a poetic response that combines a photographic image with a Haiku in which the Haiku deepens the experience of viewing the photograph.

We will:

●      explore the art of Haiga

●      develop skills in writing Haiku  

●      explore photographic compositional elements of light, subject, simplicity as well as special consideration for Haiga images.

●      make images and review those images.

●      provide the opportunity to create a series of Haiga.

Audience: Adults, teens and all levels of photographers and writers wanting to engage in the art form of Haiga are welcome! 


Any camera/phone and lens kit they are comfortable with.

●      Lens cleaning cloth

●      Charged batteries

●      Outdoor clothing and footwear for the season

●      Pad of paper and writing tools

●      Lunch

●      Water Bottle

Registration cost:  $120 + GST & Eventbrite Fees* 

* or register by phone: 403-931-3633, Mon-Sat, 10 am – 4 pm to avoid Eventbrite fees 

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Barry Allen:

I acquired my first camera as a university student and began a journey exploring photography. As an educator (Primary and High School) the camera became a way for my students to tell stories and share learning. As a school division Director and Learning Specialist I encouraged students and teachers to evaluate and share learning with storytelling, photographs, photo essays and digital stories. Now I teach photography, join a friend in co-creating and teaching the Japanese art form Haiga ( Haiku and an Image) and make intimate images to inspire people to explore and “see” the world around them.

Photographer/Storyteller David DuChemin speaks of “Chase the Magic” not the image. That is what I do every day when I pick up my camera.

Jim Force:

Jim Force, Ph. D. a retired educator whose focus and interest was outdoor and experiential education, writes under the pen name, Nika. He is a member of Haiku Canada and the Haiku Society of America. His main interest is in collaborating with photographers in creating haiga. His haiku have been widely published in journals and anthologies both in North America and abroad. He has published two chapbooks: frogs singing (1993) and snail my friend (2015).