Landscape Photography Workshop with Neil Zeller

Photographer Neil Zeller is proud to present his DSLR Landscape Fundamentals workshop hosted at the Leighton Centre Arts on August 26-27, 2017.

Register today for a late summer weekend of DSLR camera basics and practical landscape photography lessons in class and on the grounds at Leighton Art Centre overlooking the beautiful foothills and rocky mountains.

Your immersive weekend will include:

Classroom sessions on Saturday with the emphasis on preparing you to make the best possible photographs of the world around you. You will learn:

  • Camera basics for manual settings including aperture, ISO and shutter speed
  • The proper use of filters
  • Depth of field
  • Tripod and remote shutter switch
  • Composition – Rule of thirds, focal points, leading lines, point of view and horizons
  • Capturing movement, golden hour and working with the weather
  • A special session with a guest from The Camera Store to chat filters and accessories for landscape photography
  • And much more!

Your classroom session will feature breakout shooting exercises and real world examples at various times during the day, so have your batteries charges, cards emptied, lens caps off, and cameras turned on all day!

Your registration includes a catered lunch and supper at Leighton Art Centre on Saturday, as well as morning muffins, tea and coffee both days.

On Saturday evening once we are finished supper we will spend the evening exploring the grounds at Leighton Centre on foot, using your new knowledge to make the best photos you can. We will stay out until 9pm, which is shortly after sunset on this day.

On Sunday we will start in the classroom with muffins and coffee/tea at 10:00am and continue with a Q and A session based on your photos and the class session on Saturday. This is an opportunity to offer your photos up for viewing and questions. After that we will spend the rest of the afternoon up until 4:00pm photographing on foot around the gorgeous views and landscapes of Leighton Arts Centre.


This is a family friendly workshop, teens are welcome to participate.

Your registration includes:

  • Classroom sessions Saturday and Sunday
  • Guided practical shooting sessions
  •  Muffins and Coffee/Tea on Sat and Sun morning
  •  Lunch and Supper on Saturday

The only prerequisite is that each participant bring their own camera that is capable of manual adjustments of the shutter speed, the ISO and aperture (f-stop) settings. All DSLR’s and most mirrorless cameras are capable of these functions. An extra battery, a few memory cards and a tripod are very helpful during this workshop.

A detailed email will be sent out prior to the start of this class with menu items, directions and further information to help make this a workshop a success. This workshop will proceed in all weather with adjustments made to maintain the quality of the content as required.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Leighton Art Centre. You will be required to sign liability release form for the workshop.  Please be prepared for some hiking around the grounds as well as having proper clothing to match the conditions.The Leighton Art Centre is located in a rural area. Therefore, do not forget to bring your snacks and lunch for Sunday!