Layered Meaning: The Constructed Canvas with Sharon Hogg

Layer the meaning of materials with your unique memories and impressions. Give encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) an introductory try. Combine this base medium with oil paints to add both layered meanings and fleeting impressions to your work. This workshop is designed for artists of all levels; those who are either new to encaustic and/or oil paints or those who want to give this collage of familiar processes a try. We will use preliminary sketches, and a progression of demonstrations and hands-on technique application to show the possibilities of mixing these media and building up a surface image within a coherent and critical thought process.

Supply List:

The base materials needed to create one or two sturdy 12”x12” found-lumber based works are provided by the workshop instructor and included in the workshop fee. The instructor will also be providing:
• encaustic medium and equipment,
• oil paints,
• natural bristle brushes,
• non-toxic solvent (Canola oil),
• rags and paper towels,
• found lumber supports,
• extra “canvas”

Please expect the work to be still “wet” at the end of the day; each piece will have a cardboard protective box (like a pizza box) for transport at the end of the day.
Students must bring:

  • your own sketchbook and sketching tools for preliminary drawing and brainstorming.
  • components to build your 12x12inch “canvas” - maybe a favorite cloth (like a well remembered shirt or kitchen linen) or paper (like a postcard or newspaper or schoolwork).
  • nitrile gloves
  • painting apron or painting clothes (oil paint actually washes out quite well, but pigmented wax is very difficult to remove)
  • outdoor clothes - it is preferred to work outdoors on picnic tables, weather permitting