Luminous Acrylic Landscapes with Lorri Pullman-MacDonald

Learn how to have your paintings glow with light. Lorri will teach her favorite painting technique of layering glazes of paint. Good for all levels of artists.
The class will start with a step by step approach and paint along with Lorri for the first landscape and then get help individually on a second landscape of their own choosing.

Acrylic Painting Supply List

 2 smooth stretched canvases around 12X16 or smaller. (Gotrick brand canvases work well with this technique)
 Assorted nylon brushes; #4, #6 #8 round and ½” flat and ½ “ angle
 Acrylic Paints; White, Quinacridone Magenta, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue (red shade) and Pthalo Blue (green shade), recommended Liquitex or Golden Brand.
 Golden Brand Acrylic Glazing medium, Gloss
 An HB pencil and an eraser
 Paper towels or a cloth rag
 A pallet to mix paint on, disposable pallets are great
 A plastic pallet knife
 A 12” ruler
 A container for water, an empty margarine container is great.
 Either bring a smock to protect clothing or wear clothes that have seen better days.

 The first painting will be done from a photo that Lorri will provide. For the second painting, students should bring their own photo references.