POSTPONED Make your Own Nuno Felt Scarf with Fay Hodson

Nuno felting is a process that integrates woven fabric into felt – it opens up many new possibilities for felt makers by changing the appearance, strength, and drape of felt. In this workshop we will create four samples using different techniques to integrate silk into felt – we’ll then felt the samples together to make an interesting, eclectic scarf. The emphasis in this workshop will be on learning techniques that will enable you to explore further if you choose to do more nuno felting.

We will briefly discuss basic felt “laying-out” techniques – no previous wet-felting experience is necessary, although it would be helpful. Adventurous beginners who are comfortable with exploring new media are welcome.

We will be:

  • Using silk as a “backing” to increase strength and create interesting surface designs and textures
  • Exploring ways to add small amounts of wool to silk to create a light-weight fabric with interesting texture and drape
  • Incorporating “islands” of silk to add interest and enhance drape
  • Experimenting with different ways to add silk on the surface of felt to create different textures and appearance

We will also discuss how different weights and weaves of fabrics impact nuno felting and you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with adding other surface fibres to your piece. The assembly technique we will use has the added bonus of making felt-making possible in small spaces – about 2X2 foot square of counter space is all you need!

Audience: Some wet felting experience is helpful but not necessary – adventurous beginners who are comfortable with exploring new media are welcome.

Please note that this workshop is intended for adults. Children over twelve may register if accompanied by an adult.

Supplies: The wool tops, silk, fibres and thread that you need are included in the registration fee.

Please bring: a notebook and pen, scissors, waterproof measuring tape or ruler, tweezers, two or more bath towels (approximately 36 X 20 inches at least), basin or bowl (shoebox size is good), large-eyed sewing needle and your wet-felting tools – rolling noodle (at least 20 inches), watering bulb (disposable plastic water bottle (500-700 ml) with small holes punched in lid will work), soap, and a small cheese grater if you have one for grating soap. We’ll be using 24-inch wide bubble wrap (two 2X2 ft pieces – bubbles approximately 1 cm in diameter) - please bring it if you have your own supply. The instructor will bring some spare bubble wrap, rolling noodles, and supplies for those who need them.

Optional things to bring – additional loosely woven silk or cotton fabric that you love (scraps, old scarves, etc), any interesting fibres or yarn that you would like to experiment with.

Lunch: We’ll be taking a short lunch break – please pack a lunch and drink.

Registration cost:  $105 + GST & Eventbrite Fees*  

* or register by phone: 403-931-3633, Mon-Sat, 10 am – 4 pm to avoid Eventbrite fees  

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Fay Hodson has been wet and needle-felting for 15 years and has had her work in a variety of shows and sales. She is a member of the Alberta Craft Council, Felt:Feutre, Sheep Creek Weavers and the Bragg Creek Artisans. She is currently enrolled in the BFA program at the Alberta University of the Arts. To see some of her felt pieces, check out her website.