Nature Programming, Fall Flora & Fauna with Julie Walker

Immerse yourself in the smells and colours of autumn as we wander the landscape in search of seeds. Through the course of this journey, you will find the source of beauty in the flowers by their seeds and discover their heritage. You will see just how these plant adaptations have led to the science of bio-mimicry.  This is also a great opportunity to view the last butterflies and birds roam the sky before retreating for the winter.

• Dress for the weather
• Bring a fanny pack or small daypack
• a Garbage bag
• Rain pants and jacket and or Gators
• Good walking shoes or light hikers
• Sun or rain hat
• Gloves
• Sunscreen/sunglasses
• Garden pad to sit upon
• Water bottle
• Any personal health care items you need, or 1st aid, e.g. Ibuprofen
• Lunch
• Sketch book/Camera/Notebook and pencil/coal, etc.
• Imagination
• All eight senses! (Sense of fun, adventure, play, smell, touch, sight, awe and wonder!)