Raw Drawing With Kristin Boettger

Are you longing for a practice to awaken and explore your raw creative instincts? Are you curious to strip down your supply list and devote yourself to paper and charcoal for a day? In this workshop, participants will be taught a simple organic approach to drawing amidst the natural world. Facilitated by artist and art therapist Kristin Boettger, we will root our practice in breath work and mindfulness techniques, before launching into a day of drawing outdoors and exploring the Leighton Centre landscape. No art experience required! However you do need to come prepared to walk/ hike, and embrace whatever weather we may have:) That said, there are indoor facilities available for as needed. Come and invigorate your existing practice or discover it for the very first time!

Supply List

    - 5 sheets of drawing paper 22" x 30" (approx)
- a box of compressed charcoal
- a white eraser

 -drawing board (large enough to support the paper you're bringing -- this will offer a stiff surface for you to draw on while we're out walking)
 -masking tape (to tape down your paper onto the board)