Spring Equinox Gathering with the Sheep Creek Yoga Collective

The Sheep Creek Yoga Collective is hosting a one-day gathering for the Spring Equinox at the Leighton Art Centre.

The gathering will include different workshops and services such as the ones that follows:

Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath with Jane & Dave Pierce : This 90-minute class will begin with a Kundalini Kriya focusing on the throat chakra, the chakra associated with sound and vibration, followed by a short meditation with the intention to open the energy
channels for the gong bath experience. Laying in savasana, transcend with the healing sound vibrations into a deeply relaxed, meditative state of consciousness. The vibrations from the various gongs help relieve tension, release toxins and stored emotions, stimulate glandular activity and allow the mind to escape from constant thought patterns.

Awaken Divinity Workshop with Kurst Layton : In this workshop, we'll take a look at our inner dialogue, the subconscious frequency we are using to communicate with the universe and bring awareness to our core belief patterns that create the reality with which we identify. Everyday stressors draw us away from our truest selves. Using our breath, our sankalpa, elemental energies and sound vibration we will draw back in, allowing space for healing past patterns and creating new pathways to access and embody our limitless power. We are Divine. We are creative consciousness. We are infinite. We just need a little reminder sometimes.

Service Offerings include:

  • Craniosacral Therapy with Kyle Henderson
  • Theta Healing with Cesar Balestrini

We will also be offering Leighton Centre tours and serving a delicious Indian Curry Feast lunch prepared by Deepak Singh.

Registration is required for this event and the registration fee is by donation (suggested $30). 

For information on this event or to register, please visit the Eventbrite event page by clicking here. For any questions, please direct your inquires to Sheep Creek Yoga Collective at info@sheepcreekyoga.com.