Transparent Watercolour Portraits with Rex Beanland

Instructor Rex Beanland invites you to explore portrait watercolor painting. Our goal will be to capture those intimate moments and gestures that suggest the personality of the subject. This workshop will provide a very accessible way to achieve that. You will come away with more confidence, new insights and skills for handling watercolour that will help with portraits, but will also add new life to any subject matter. It is a wonderful, rewarding journey.

In this intensive two-day workshop you will learn and practice:

  • Using transparent pigments to build up layers for that fresh, spontaneous look
  • Develop expertise in creating soft / hard edges to add life to our portrait
  • Use unusual colour choices for variety and excitement
  • Learn new ways to make bold statements with brushwork and colour application
  • Explore portrait composition and placement of the subject for dynamic presentation

This workshop requires supplies. Click here to view the supply list. The Leighton Art Centre is located in a rural location. So please bring a lunch and drinks for the day

Tickets are sold individually for $185.00.