Transparent Watercolour Portraits with Rex Beanland

Instructor Rex Beanland invites you to explore portrait watercolour painting. Our goal will be to capture those intimate moments and gestures that suggest the personality of the subject; this workshop will provide a very accessible way to achieve that. You will come away with more confidence, new insights and skills for handling watercolour that will help with portraits, but will also add new life to any subject matter. This is a wonderful, rewarding journey.  

During this intensive workshop you will learn about and practice:  

  • Using transparent pigments to build up layers for that fresh, spontaneous look  
  • Developing expertise in creating soft / hard edges to add life to our portrait  
  • Using unusual colour choices for variety and excitement  
  • Learning new ways to make bold statements with brushwork and colour application  
  • Exploring portrait composition and placement of the subject for dynamic presentation  

Here is what past participants have said about Rex Beanland`s watercolor workshops: 

''Rex Beanland`s workshop was suitable for all levels of experience with watercolor!'' 

''Rex is a wonderful teacher. He has a system that we can follow. He can articulate the what's and why's. He gave lots of hints, tips, and helpful feedback.'' 

Audience: This workshop is both for beginners who have never touched a paint brush or for those who have dabbled a little bit in paint. Intermediate level artist will also enjoy this workshop for a fresh view on watercolour!  

Supplies: Supplies are included in this workshop, but we encourage you to bring any supplies you already own. Workshops are a great way to increase your understanding of your materials! Please click here for the supply list if you wish to purchase some or bring what you already have. 

Swinton Art Supplies is offering a 10% for supplies related to this workshop! You will need to show proof of registration to the workshop to receive the discount.


Registration cost: $225 

Registration closes on Thursday June 7th, 2018 at 9 PM 

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