Watercolour From Basics To Wow! with Rex Beanland

The goal of this 2 day workshop is to show you that it is not hard to take your paintings from ordinary to Wow! You just need to be willing to try some new approaches. To create good paintings just requires that you have command of 4 elements: 1) good design (composition), 2) exciting use of colour, 3) an effective value pattern and 4) a variety of edges both wet and dry. If you are also able to add a story or mood to your painting, good paintings become Wow! paintings. Effective planning before you even start to paint allows you to incorporate all these elements in your work.

In this workshop you will learn:

1) How to create effective composition
2) An easy way to create value in watercolour
3) Exciting use of colour
4) How to create a variety of edges both dry and wet
5) Identify the mood or story that you want to create

Even though the goal of this workshop is to create Wow! paintings it is completely appropriate for watercolourists of all levels. You will learn and practice all the basics the first morning but after that we will use the basics to create some exciting paintings. 

Supplies are required.