POSTPONED Wet Felted Bird Pod with Leah Cathleen Donald



March 16, 2020. At this time, we are postponing all art workshops through April 19, 2020. If you are currently registered for an art workshop between now and April 19, please watch your email inbox for a message over the next couple of days. We will be offering the opportunity to (a) receive a credit for future use, (b) convert your payment to a donation (with tax receipt) or (c) request a refund.

Wet felting is a method of creating art using wool as your medium.  This felting method is thousands of years old and has a rich history in many cultures.  In this workshop, we will start by making a sample piece of felt to help us understand the unique, natural properties of wool.  Each participant will then put their new-found knowledge to use making a felt birdhouse. Using a plastic 'resist' and Dorset wool, we will layer the wool to create a 'packet'.  We then wet the wool and agitate it to bind the fibres together.  It's amazing what a little water, soap and elbow grease can do!  After removing the resist, we will use our hands to roll and pull and squish and squash to create our bird pod shape.  Wet felting is a hands-on, sometimes messy art process.  Wear comfortable clothes that you can get wet and not worry about. 

Audience: This workshop is suitable for teenagers and adults 

Supplies: All supplies are included in the registration cost 

Registration cost:  $ 115.00 plus GST & Eventbrite Fees*  

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Leah Cathleen Donald taught school field trips for over 11 years at the Leighton Art Centre.  She left the LAC 9 years ago to start her own company- Art Felt Studio - teaching exclusively felting. Her lessons explore both wet and needle felting.   

"Watching someone work with wool for the first time, seeing their expression as their artwork takes shape, feeling their pride in their creation - these are powerful moments that I look forward to with every class I teach.  I am energized by the creative force present in a felting class." 

"My artwork reflects my candid delight in our natural surroundings.  I find bliss in the early morning sky, a tree silhouette, a field of grass, a dandelion - these are simple, everyday miracles. They deeply satisfy me and I have a desire to share this feeling.  Growing up in Calgary, I am connected to both the straightforward, endless joy of the prairies and the rough, bold energy of the mountains. My wish is my art draws you in and brings you joy."