Wild Plants & Human Survival - A Nature Treasure Hunt with Julie Walker

Ever wonder what the role of wild plants was for the survival of humans in Alberta throughout history?

Let's travel back to the early 1800s to explore and role-play how different groups of people have used both native and introduced plants as food, medicine, tools, jewellery, and dye. During your visit, your family along with the other participating families, will imagine the story of the following groups of people:

  • A group of Blackfoot people living on the land
  • An early Ranching family starting their first ranch
  • A group of Metis people trapping and trading to adapt to the European dominance of the land
  • A family of Farmers looking to buy land to grow crops

By following clues and your herbal guide, Julie Walker, you will be taken on a Full Circle Adventure throughout the Leighton Art Centre landscape to find the plant you need for medicine, for food, to make tools, to feed the Elk you depend on, or to bead your outfit.

Have a great family and team building day discovering the beauty and history of the foothills of Southern Alberta. Make a full day of it and pack a lunch to enjoy on the LAC's property after the workshop concludes.


Julie Walker will be serving herbal teas made from local plants. Please bring your own mug, tea cup or container to taste this unique and local tea.


The tickets include two adults and two children (ideally ages 8 and up to be able to soak in the information on the great wonders of our local plants!)


Julie Walker
graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Physical education and a major in Outdoor Pursuits. After decades of outdoor guiding she has become intimate with the ecology and plants of the foothills and Eastern slopes of the Rockies. Since 2008 she has been learning about, steeping, teaching and cooking with wild edibles. Julie is also a nature educator, running school programs for Full Circle Adventures, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. She truly loves to share all she has learned about our wild nature!