School Programs

Art & Nature School Program

Our 4-hour on-site school program combines exploring art in the Leighton Art Centre’s museum with hands on art lessons in our historic art studios. Here at Leighton, nature is our inspiration, our classroom, and our playground.
Our program includes a dedicated instructor who will promote visual literacy, thoughtful observation, critical thinking and gain inspiration from the landscape around us. The Leighton Art Centre is situated on 80 acres of Foothills landscape and students will enjoy a nature walk while recording their thoughts and experiences in their own sketchbook. Our mission is to inspire an appreciation of art and nature and to discover the connection between them. We believe deeply in carrying on Barbara Leighton’s dream to “unleash the artist in everyone.”
We have three historic art studios available for your group. We recommend no more than 30 students per studio due to the nature of the space.
Please follow this link to register your group for Art and Nature Field Trips. 


Art to Go! Programs:

Our in-school field trip delivers a talented artist-instructor armed with a fresh art project right to your classroom.

Our experienced, enthusiastic educator brings professional art techniques, materials, and instruction right into your classroom in an age-appropriate program. Students will learn new art skills as well as create a class banner using print making techniques. This program includes lots of time to experiment.

The Art to Go in-school program is designed to enhance the school's art, science, social studies, and language arts curriculum. Our programs can be tailored to fit curriculum focus or delivered as pure visual art instructions. It is an invaluable means of influencing the next generation to appreciate art through making advanced techniques attainable for all ages!

Please follow this link to register your group for Art to Go! In-class field trips.

Please contact Victoria Sanchez at the Ed Centre: 403-931-3636 / if you experience difficulties registering your group.