Leighton Art Centre - Children Drawing in Schoolhouse Studio

Sketching Lesson in Our Historic Schoolhouse Studio

Art & Nature Program for School Groups

2018-19 Bookings

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Program Information

Our 4-hour on-site school program combines exploring art in the Leighton Art Centre’s museum with hands-on art lessons in our historic art studios. Here at Leighton, nature is our inspiration, our classroom and our playground.

Our program includes a dedicated instructor (for each studio) who - in addition to your art lesson - will promote visual literacy, thoughtful observation, critical thinking and discuss how we gain inspiration from the landscape around us. The Leighton Art Centre is situated on 80 acres of Foothills landscape and students will enjoy a nature walk while recording their thoughts and experiences in their own sketchbook. Our mission is to inspire an appreciation of art and nature and to discover the connection between them. We believe deeply in carrying on Barbara Leighton’s dream to “unleash the artist in everyone.”

We have three historic art studios available for your group. We don’t have a minimum number for attendance but do have a minimum charge of 20 students for a single studio, 38 for 2 studios and 57 for 3 studios. This quota lets us cover basic operating and staff costs.

The content of exhibitions at the Leighton Museum/Art Gallery constantly changes. Please call ahead if you have any questions about what will be on display during your visit.

Booking Your Field Trip

Please click on the Check Availability icon (at the top and bottom of this page) to book your school field trip using our online registration system. Contact our Education Centre staff by email education@leightoncentre.org or phone 403-931-3636 if you have trouble registering your group through our online system. 

Know Before You Book

  • Our art studios are historic and all are different in size. We will assign studio space according to class sizes and reserve the right to reassign studio space when student numbers warrant.
  • We have a minimum booking of 20 students for one studio, 38 students for two studios, and 57 students for three studios.
  • We have a maximum capacity of 86 students per day.
  • Days marked UNAVAILABLE are previously booked. Please check with us for possible studio openings or check out our Art-to-Go! School Program  - with an Art To Go program, we bring the Leighton Art Centre art experience right to your classroom!
  • We will send an invoice back to school with you on the day of your visit. There is no need to bring payment. Your office can forward a cheque at a later date.

Rates (per student)

$16 - Art & Nature for students (no GST on childrens' programs)
$20 (+GST) - Professional Development (Teachers & Support Staff - Please contact us directly for info and availability)

Add a 2nd Project: If a class would like to do two feature art activities instead of the regular single one, an additional $2.50/student will be added. The total per student will then be $18.50. Required minimum program time of 4.5 hours. 

Cancellation Policy

28 WORKING DAYS notification required or a charge of $100.00 will be incurred. This does NOT include WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS that occur at Leighton Art Centre's discretion.

Weather Considerations

The Leighton Art Centre closes during times when the outside temperature is -20 degrees Celsius or lower.

  • The decision to cancel classes at the Leighton Art Centre will be made by the Education Coordinator by 7:30 am on the day of your intended field trip and in some cases the night before (if storm warnings have been issued for the area). Teachers and Leighton staff may share home phone numbers so this decision can be made in a timely fashion. If a home number is not provided, then a message will be left at the school. The Leighton Art Centre apologizes for any inconvenience in cancelling classes but this decision is made with safety of students and staff at all times. Every effort will be made to reschedule cancelled groups. Common sense will prevail in all cancellations as we cannot predict road conditions, actual temperatures, etc.