Summer Camp FAQ’s


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• What will my child be doing during the week at summer camp?

Your child will be immersed in art and nature! They will spend the week as an artist, working with a variety of media (ie. watercolour, acrylic, clay, etc.), and exploring the beautiful rural landscape! Our summer camp is a fun, arts immersion program designed to build your child’s talents and skills as an artist.

• What is the age range of children who attend summer camp?

Our summer camp is open to children and youth 6-14 years old. If your child has completed kindergarten and has turned 6 by June 1st 2017, they are able to attend. Each week, the children are divided into age groups and will be in the same group throughout the week.

The approximate ages in each group are ages 6-8, 9-11 and 12-14. These groupings are arranged based on the ages of our campers registered each week and instruction is tailored to the age level of campers.

• Can siblings be in the same age group?

We do our best to accommodate requests to have siblings in the same age group but encourage children to go in their own separate groups. Lunch is a great time when siblings can be together and our groups are never too far away from one another if there is ever a concern. The decisions of which group children are in are at the discretion of the Camp Director. The interests of all our campers, as well as parent requests, will be carefully taken into consideration at all times.

• What are the hours for summer camp?

Summer camp starts at 9:30 am and ends at 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. We ask that you call or e-mail our office if your child will miss any days of camp.

• Where are you located?

The Leighton Art Centre is approximately 20 minutes southwest of Calgary. Click here for driving directions and a map.

• What if I need transportation for my child?

Busing is free for summer camp participants! See our bus information. Note pick-up and drop- off locations vary from week to week. It is very important that you have your child ready at the bus stop for pick- up at least 5 minutes before the actual pick-up time.

• What if I miss meeting the bus to pick up my child?!?
Your child will stay on the bus and ride to the next stop. Call Southland Transportation, in Calgary (403) 287-1335 and in Okotoks (403) 938-3966, to arrange to meet the bus.

In the morning if you miss the bus, please drive your child to the next stop on the route OR directly to the Leighton Art Centre.

• What should my child wear to summer camp?

Children should wear play clothes that they can get messy in. Please do not send them in anything nice as it most likely won’t stay clean for long! The Leighton Art Centre takes no responsibility for damaged clothing.

• What should my child bring to summer camp?

- Lunch, snacks, and plenty of fluids!
- Apply sunscreen and bug spray before camp then pack them to be reapplied later in the day
- Send your child with a hat, rain gear, and dress your child in layers. They will be outside in nature each day (sometimes in the rain) and often the morning is cool and the afternoon heats up!
- We are a rural centre. Your child will be hiking on unpaved pathways and must wear appropriate footwear and clothing (no flip flops or crocs).
- We are a nut aware site, so please avoid sending your child with any food that has nuts in it. We thank you in advance for being sensitive to this concern.

• Can my child bring electronics/cell phones to summer camp?

We ask that your child does not bring any electronics or cell phones as they are not to be used at camp and they could get damaged. The Leighton Art Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• What if my child loses something?

Please label ALL items sent to camp (clothing, lunch bags, water bottles etc.) and make a note of the personal items your child brings to camp. If you notice something missing, encourage your child to look through our lost and found located in the School House studio. The Friday Open House is a good opportunity for parents to check too. Items in the lost and found are kept until Labour Day.

• Is there a time when I can visit my child at summer camp and share in what they are doing?

Yes! Friday on the last day of camp we hold an Open House and Art Show! The open house is a drop-in for families any time between 2:15-3:30 PM on Fridays. It is a great opportunity to share in the joy of your child’s learning and discoveries! Parents will take their child home with them after they have toured the camp art exhibit and museum. Please note staff supervision is only until 3:30pm, children must be picked up prior to this time. The Art Show is not mandatory, we understand if you are unable to attend. The bus will run as usual and we will provide your child with alternate activities for the afternoon and some special attention.

• Accessibility Needs - To inquire about special support or accommodations, please call 403-931-3636

• When do you require payment? Payment in full is required at the time of registration. 

• Do you offer any discounts?

All LAC Members are eligible for 10%discount for the registration of camp. We also offer a discount to families of 3 or more children, and for multiple week registrations (2 or more weeks of camp). Please contact us via e-mail prior to registering to receive a promo code.